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Monday, 5 September 2011

Are you deaf or summink?

They’ll try every trick in the book to revile smoking. Can you hear me at the back?

Teenagers could suffer hearing loss because of passive smoking, according to new research.

Inhaling other people’s tobacco smoke almost doubled the risk of impaired hearing among adolescents, it was claimed.

The levels of damage were mild but could be enough to stop them hearing properly in class and leave them branded ‘troublemakers’.

Notice the usual weasel words, such as could and claimed.

The loss of hearing may be explained by toxic tobacco chemicals damaging the ear’s delicate blood supply, the scientists believe. Even mild hearing loss could have ‘subtle yet serious’ consequences, said Prof Weitzman.

Oh and the word may.

I’ve been properly smoking for 48 years, so how come I’m not as deaf as a post then.

Why is it that they can’t come out with proper research that states categorically one thing or another. This sort of disingenuous clap trap is just a waste of taxpayers’ money.

It might be an idea if they did further research into how many of these adolescents had ipods jammed in their ears.

Passive smoking is the primary cause of global warming. Everyone knows that.


  1. So the permanently plugged-in earphones of their MP3 player have no causal link to deafness then?

    I'm considering applying for a Research Grant of £100k. I propose to lead a university research team to prove conclusively that exhaled cigarette smoke impairs motorway visibility, and may, just may, contribute to car crashes. To whom should I apply?

  2. "Passive smoking is the primary cause of global warming. Everyone knows that" ...

    And haemorrhoids .. don't forget haemorrhoids ..

  3. Maybe they have decided that the over use of the word "Cancer" in their everyday scare tactics has left us sterile to it. The cheeelrdreen don't give a rats ass about the Big C as long as they can have their favourite crap invading their ear drums. After all, it is festival time, who cares about cancer when you can hear 30 seconds to Mars.

  4. Captain Haddock,

    You beat me to it. I was going to suggest that these "researchers" should transfer to climatology. After all, the head Fakir at the IPCC is a railway engineer.


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