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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Well Done Mr Plod.

One of Britain’s finest undoes any respect for the Police gained after the looting and rioting. Why throw your weight around and alienate the public, when more than ever you need to bring the public onside?

In the past a good copper would have used the power of persuasion, complete with a smile  to get the result he desired. The man complaining hadn’t actually committed an offence as far as I could perceive, other than filming the police and moving around.

Has it really come to the position that we are stopped because we might be thinking of committing an offence?

Why do they do it?


  1. Why do they do it?

    Because anyone behaving in a manner not in keeping with the state prescribed norms is a wrong 'un.

  2. Well, I thought that cop had the patience of a saint. That sort of dumb insolence would have gotten chummy a crack in the mouth with a baton in quite a few EU countries...

  3. I would tend to agree with Julia ..

    The so-called "aggrieved" were being deliberately confrontational & were intent on winding-up the Pc from the very start, with references to "costume" & "diaries" etc ..

    The fact that the Pc walked into the trap & gave them exactly what they were seeking is regrettable ..

  4. Uniformed thugs, wannabe storm-trooperes. I wouldn't p*ss on one of the b*st*ards if they were on fire.


  5. My stance is that you are innocent until proved guilty. The police have over the last few decades seemed to think that they have the god given right to unswerving subservience to their right to unquestioning obedience. They've conveniently forgotten the the Peelian principles. They need the ordinary people to support them. If not then they will fail.

    They forget that even though that man was obnoxious, they are still servants of that member of the public.


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