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Monday, 8 August 2011

All aboard the EU Gravy train.

I’m a bit late with this but at least I will have my rant about it.

A SENIOR aide to David Cameron says the Prime Minister has ruled out a referendum on EU membership because Britain delivered a “very clear result” on the issue 36 years ago.

In an extraordinary letter described last night as “ridiculous and insulting”, Laurence Mann, Mr Cameron’s political private secretary, said the British people did not want another in or out vote because it would be “artificial and simplistic”.

Instead, he said Britons should be grateful for the EU’s “useful work” on global warming and global poverty and stand by a decision made almost two generations ago on the far less federal body known as the Common Market.

No, you stupid Fuckwit we didn’t vote for this at all. We voted for a Common market.

*As an ex lifelong Conservative voter of 62  I say, in that case, we need Mr. Cameron and his government OUT as soon as possible.

He has astonishing temerity, and demonstrates extraordinarily irrational thinking for someone trusted to run the country, when he asserts that the decision was made - irrevocably - 36 years ago when we joined a mere cartel of nations in a TRADING AGREEMENT. (We did not then - or ever - agree to join a federal European State or turn over control of our sovereignty and internal affairs to the French or Germans.) What other decisions made 4 decades ago are sacrosanct and not open to review in drastically changed circumstances, Mr. Cameron ?

What is the hidden agenda in EU membership for politicians of both major parties ignoring the will of the people and their desire to have a say in their own destiny. What are they AFRAID of in the result of a referendum.

I have said before that it is ABSURD that just  650 MPs - a mere 0.0009% of the UK population with no track record of any great wisdom and even less in relevant qualifications or experience - should be allowed to take the EU decision on behalf of 70 million people affected, the majority of whom are well known to be opposed to continued costly and autocratic EU membership.
We need to elect a government that will honour the desire of the PEOPLE to participate in decisions on this major issue. We elected a government in May 2010, not a dictatorship; we had enough of that with the other lot.
It's going to have to be UKIP I'm afraid.

* I borrowed this part from the comments on the article as it sums up my feelings to a tee.


  1. Perhaps Laurence Mann would explain why

    "Britons should be grateful for the EU’s “useful work” on.... global poverty ", when it's impoverished nearly all of us Britons.

  2. "It's going to have to be UKIP I'm afraid"

    A decision I made quite some months ago. Nearly 30 years of Tory party membership ripped up.

    Fuck cameron and the horse he rode in on.

  3. Captain Haddock9 August 2011 at 10:51

    I honestly believe that Cameron has a politically suicidal tendency .. the way he's carrying on would suggest that he actually wants to sign his own political death warrant ..

    In which case .. please borrow my pen Prime Minister ..

  4. "the EU’s “useful work” on global warming and global poverty"

    Indeed, and very successful they have been, global poverty has increased no end since they took a hand in it.


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