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Sunday, 3 July 2011

The theatre

Went to the theatre yesterday. In London.

However it was the wrong day. It coincided with the gay Pride parade. Now your FE has seen some pretty outlandish sights in his life, but really.

Why disport yourself in a faux Kate Middleton wedding dress to board a train at Charing Cross? And what does it do for your sex life when you have twenty five lip piercings? That would be akin to trying to kiss the iron curtain.

This is why the whole gay, transsexual, bi gender, or whatever they  want to call the movement lets the side  down.

By parading  in such a ridiculous way they draw attention to how crass and self centred they are. They just set themselves up for ridicule as I witnessed on several occasions yesterday evening.

I’m sure if there was a heterosexual march through London next weekend, it would be perceived as an outrage akin to the holocaust by those of the Gay persuasion.

Why not live with a quiet dignity that the rest of us aspire to?


Just saying like.


  1. "And what does it do for your sex life when you have twenty five lip piercings? "

    Get in the way of your partner's dildo?

  2. "And what does it do for your sex life when you have twenty five lip piercings?"

    Body piercings, like the curates egg, are good in parts.

    A discete ring in a fold here, a belly button there. Ears too.

    However, I have no interested in making out with a scrap heap.

  3. Captain Haddock4 July 2011 at 08:40

    "Why not live with a quiet dignity that the rest of us aspire to" ?

    Because there are no "victim" cards to play ..

    Because there are no Taxpayer-funded grants to be had ..

    Because people who just get on with their quiet, dignified lives don't generate thousands of non-jobs ..

    Many years ago, a mate & I were drinking in a pub in Portsmouth .. when in walks a bloke wearing rings in both ears ..

    My oppo said to the bloke .. " 'Ere, are you a pirate" ?

    To which the somewhat surprised bloke replied "No, why" ?

    To which my mate said, with a laugh .. "Well you must be a poof then .. 'cos only poofs and pirates wear ear rings" ..

  4. I feel for the persecuted minorities in this country!


    There'll never be a march for us, because there simply aren't enough of us left...

  5. Captain Haddock4 July 2011 at 10:54

    Dioclese said ...

    "I feel for the persecuted minorities in this country" !

    Yes, so do I Dio .. I feel utter contempt ..

  6. Don't have a problem with gay people myself and I can sort of understand the idea of Pride marches, but I'm not sure there's still a need for them. Plenty of gay people do go on them to show that they're not ashamed of being gay, and that's fair enough. But plenty, including some who I'd bet are gay but choose not to say so (and I'm not impolite enough to ask), don't go and I'm sure some of them simply don't see causing diversions and stuffing up traffic once a year as actually being necessary for the whole 'not ashamed' thing. I can respect that since I wouldn't bother going if there was a Straight Pride event for exactly the same reason. Yes, there are certainly people who are still in the closet and don't feel able to come out, but homosexuality these days is about as mainstream as it can be given that we're talking about a minority group and anyone who hasn't yet come out probably isn't going to just because one more Pride march is held.

  7. Quiet dignity? Quiet desperation perhaps?


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