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Monday, 6 June 2011

There is no North/South divide.

Not if you are a property vendor.

Last year I helped one of my kids buy a flat in North London. On the day of moving her in, we find that the vendors have removed the bathroom fitted mirror (Complete with the plaster from the wall), All the sink and bath plugs, several curtain tracks, and even the oven shelves from the fitted oven.

On Friday I’m off to the North to help my son move into the property we have helped him buy. Guess what? Mirrors gone, curtain tracks  removed (Looks like they’ve been removed by brute force , rather than finessed with a screwdriver), and they’ve even walked off with the Wheelie bins.

I’d guess that the couple from North London, moved to the North to continue their vandalistic lifestyle. All I can add is. You’re next Scotland and Wales.


  1. There is a divide - I live in the deep SouthWest where everything is expensive - very few properties cost less than £150,000 and the minimum wage for those lucky enough to have a seasonal job is the norm AND even a pint of Tetley's costs £3.15 in the local!
    But it's obvious that money grabbing ba**ards are now the norm throughout the land - we've all got to get what we can or go under!

  2. The price difference is quite telling. The 2 bedroom flat in North London cost £260k, The 3 bedroom cottgae up North cost £150k. A staggering difference.


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