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Thursday, 16 June 2011


Did you know that there is an EU directive that now makes it illegal to dump carbon composites in Land fill?

Oh and you can’t burn it either because of the Toxic vapours given off.

In that case what are they going to do with obsolete wind turbine blades?

Professor Henning Albers from the Institut für Umwelt und Biotechnik, Hochschule Bremen, calculates that at current growth rates by 2034, there will be a mountain of 225,000 tonnes of unwanted rotor blade material waste.

I suppose we could make a giant folly on Westminster Green. Or better get them sent back to DECC.


  1. You mean you can't recycle them? Oh the irony.

  2. I guess someone's in trouble then...

    And I guess that Boeing won't be scrapping any 787 Dreamliners over this side of the pond, in years to come...


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