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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I’m back. I think.

In the last post I intimated that I was travelling to the North to assist my son in moving home. Well that happened in the usual chaotic fashion that only moving house can entail. Your FE now wishes that he’d never let on, to his son, that FE was good at DIY. I’ve put up curtain tracks, towel rails, toilet roll holders, installed a washing machine, and repaired the boiler. And I’ve now driven 300 miles south to free the cats from their cattery prison camp. (Actually I think they preferred to be there, to tell you the truth. The scratches on my arm feel really sore) I’ll try and post something that you might be interest in in the next couple of  days, but soon I have to head back up north for a more important matter.

My son has to go into hospital as he’s just been diagnosed as having cancer of the Thyroid. This will entail removal of the thyroid gland in it’s entirety, followed by radiotherapy treatment using Iodine 1-131. Worrying times ahead. However to look on the bright side, his type of cancer of the Thyroid has a very high cure rate. 97% to quote the statistics.

What is most worrying is that apparently he’s liable to set of all the scanners at airports within three months of his treatment.

Bugger. We’re going on holiday in august.

Now before you all call me a heartless bugger, my son thinks as pragmatically as me.  We never give up or come over all weepy.



  1. "...... and repaired the boiler."

    Now you may be qualified to mess around with a ship's boiler, but are you ACOPS / CORGI / GasSafe / Oftec registered to deal with a domestic boiler?

    No, don't answer that on a blog, it may elevate your blood-pressure even higher.

  2. Joe. Believe it or not it involved removing one cover securing screw, and the use of a hair dryer.

  3. I guess I shouldn't admit to replacing a £2 relay on the control PCB, rather than coughing up £70 for a new board!

    Of course from an electrical engineering point of view I wouldn't put a circuit board carrying 240v AC underneath a load of pipework, in a shallow plastic box with a poorly fitting lid. But then Ideal obviously know best...

  4. Hope the treatment goes well.

    Oh, and look on the bright side - your son is really going to piss the UKBA people off. Their scanners will probably "white out" completely!

  5. Captain Haddock15 June 2011 at 09:50

    Not heartless at all FE ..

    As you rightly say, pragmatic, pugnacious, determined .. those are the qualities which will help ..

    As for the Airport scanners .. providing you have the supporting Medical paperwork .. you could have a real laugh at the expense of UKBA ..

    Good luck to the whole family ..

  6. Best wishes with the treatment.

    At least he'll have a good line for when he sets the scanners off:

    "Can you remove all metal items please?"

    "Certainly. Do you have a scalpel I can borrow?"


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