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Monday, 9 May 2011

Wi Fi in the wild endangered.

God give me strength when I read ramblings of this sort. Written by that silly tart, Louise Gray, in the Tubbygraph.

Stupidities like this.

The signal from wi-fi cannot travel as far when temperatures increase. Heavy downfalls of rain also affect the ability of the device to capture a signal.

For a start the majority of Wi Fi is internal. Ie, in peoples homes. Mine’s about 20 ft from this computer and I can use my laptop from the other end of the garden. Why I would need to use it in the vegetable patch is beyond me?

Regards rain Louise, has your house not got a roof?

At least the government are just starting to maybe realise that they may have made a mistake about building Bird Mincers Wind turbines.

Ministers are backing the construction of too many expensive offshore wind farms too quickly, senior advisers on green policy warn today.

In a report into the future of energy, the influential Committee on Climate Change calls on the Government to scale back plans to build thousands of turbines off the coast of Britain.

I would like to think that this might be a turning point. But when you have a majority of scientifically illiterate politicians gracing the green benches, then is there any hope for us ?

If I had my way the words green, renewable, carbon, wind turbine, and politician would be expunged from the dictionary.


  1. In warmer air, the WiFi signal becomes tired more easily so it needs to lie down for a while. Obviously during rain, it prefers to stay inside, so if you are blogging in the shed, you're stuffed.

    We climate scientists pass on lots of stuff like this to Louise.

  2. Perhaps the "senior advisors on green policy" might like to put things in perspective by mentioning that every windmill must be matched, Watt for Watt, with some form of reliable power, for when the wind don't blow.
    Peter Melia

  3. My head nearly exploded when I saw this article earlier...

  4. Please have some sympathy for the poor lass. She's obviously just a cub reporter trying to make a story, any story, from a few scraps of info.

    Remember her Global Scoop "Fish carried up a mountain on backs of llamas to escape global warming" ?

  5. So just how do Africans do wi-fi or are they ok using wind-up computers in the heat?

  6. "At least the government are just starting to maybe realise that they may have made a mistake about building Bird Mincers Wind turbines."

    Sadly, if you read the whole of the report it suggests that we continue to build lots more on land as a substitute for the ones they say we shouldn't build in the sea.

  7. I beginning to believe that Louise Gray must secretly be a sceptic infiltrator trying her best to make the greenie religionists look stupid. Even if she isn't it might be fun to out her as one < evil grin >.

    Incidentally, seen Watts Up With That? Greenpeace has lost it's charitable status in New Zealand. Court ruling.


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