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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Holiday entitlement.

pigs in troughs

I really can’t believe that our politicians are so out of touch with what the average commuter has to put up with, and come up with this.

We’re buggered if we are going to be inconvenienced by the Olympics.

Those poor MPs are going to take extra holiday because they are going to be put out by the road/rail chaos that will ensue during their puff piece that I for one never had a say in.

I mean , really, how many private companies would stay in business if every worker was allowed to take time off to see his/her (I must be PC here) entertainment of choice.

And the Nub is here.

Parliament will rise on July 13 to avoid the tight road restrictions being put in place for the Games.

So what. The public that pays their wages can’t just pick and choose to down tools when the local roadworks inconveniences them. Definitely a case of we are above you plebs.  They really haven’t a clue of how they are held in so much contempt.

Some comments on the article.

One rule for them... one for us. 'Twas ever thus.
- Abie Vee, Hendon NW££, 31/05/2011 16:17

We could pay off the deficit if all 650 of them went on gardening leave - and not one of them would be missed.
- R.F.Yorke, Yorks,, 31/05/2011 15:02

Why don't they shut down for their summer break and never come back? Parliament is an outmoded and useless institution that costs the taxpayer an obscene amount of money. Why do we need these parasites?
- Joe Blow, Wales, 31/05/2011 13:37

They obviously need the extended holiday so they can stick their snouts in the Olympic trough and not have to worry about getting back to 'work'
- Johnny Reggae, south east, 31/05/2011 12:42

What a joke!
They take 2-3 weeks at Easter, 6-7 weeks in the summer and 2-3 weeks at Christmas along with all school half-term holidays. This totals some 3-4 months holiday breaks per year. Maybe we should put them all in school uniform, pay them £30 per week and send them off with a packed lunch on the bus with their free pass.
The job does not end because it's a weekend, holiday or some form of anti-social timing. Get on with the job and start sorting out UK's mess. You could begin by scrapping your gold-plated pensions, reducing your holidays to maximum of 5 weeks per year and it would make a very pleasaant change for MP's to be affected by their decisions.
- Guy, Croydon, 31/05/2011 11:49

Strange? There was not one comment in support.


  1. I can't believe my eyes - have they really removed the comments!?

  2. Now that'll save us taxpayers a fortune from unclaimed expenses.

  3. Captain Haddock31 May 2011 at 22:54

    Quelle Surprise !!

    These arseholes really are more disgusting than something you might accidentally tread in ..

  4. Ignore my previous comment - for some reason the comments on the article didn't appear the first time I loaded it. Odd.

  5. "Johnny Reggae" - That takes me back...

    "What's he like Mavis?" - "He's a real tasty geezer"

  6. nice to see everything work for them not the rest of us..

  7. Don't know what you are all complaining about, as the true depth of deceit has been known about since the Spectator leaked the whole IOC demand list back in January. apart from clearing the roads, as was once well-known in Moscow (happy days), the list of freebie hotels is large enough to stock any travel agents' for about four months!

  8. Let us hope they spend their 'hard earned' time off self-harming the bastards.

  9. I just would like to see all of them doing time at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

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