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Friday, 27 May 2011

The governing of the country is up to you.

I’ve been reading a few blogs today where it has been mooted that government as it stands, is totally out of touch with what , we the people need.

What we have is a self sustaining oligarchy of politicians of all colours maintaining a status quo, that we the people, have no power as it stands to alter.

We have seen in the past few days, how the power of the Blogosphere and social media sites such as twitter can succeed against those who would deny us the rights that are ours. The right to freedom of speech.

The internet is a powerful tool to those that care to use it responsibly  and we should use it to brush aside the misconceptions that our elected representatives are somehow all knowing and better than the average man in the street. In fact I expect that the average man in the street has a better understanding of basic economics than our political and MSM elite.

What those very elected politicians have forgotten is that they are there to serve the people. Instead all we get is professional politicians of this new age, just vying hold on to a system of politics that is devoid of any resemblance of humility. What we need  is a complete shake up of the entire constitutional makeup of our political system.

One example of the ridiculous is that fifty MPs discuss at length, why we shouldn’t agree to future EU bailouts, only to have it amended by the government whipping 250 MP’s to support the governments position. That alone throws the whole parliamentary system into disrepute and farce.

Please go to Richard North’s Blog for a more erudite article than this humble blog is capable of.

What this stresses is that we, the people, are the power in the land. And the only thing that constrains that power is the myth that we need rulers to guide and manage us. We do not - we need government, and particularly central government, only to provide limited functions on our behalf, acting as servants not our masters. To get back to that state requires nothing more than a simple article of faith - a belief in our own power. We are more powerful than those who claim to rule us, if we choose to use that power.

We really need to take back the power into people of this country that used to be great, but is now being sold out by a clique who only have their political careers at heart.

I am of the old era, born in 49. It’s up to you, children of the modern era, how you wish to be governed. I wish you well. You reap what you sow. Don’t blame me. You have the choice.


  1. "Only to have it amended by the government whipping 250 MP’s to support the governments position."

    Yes, and my MP is one of those doing the whipping!!

    Pots, chocolate, tea making for the use of....

  2. Captain Haddock28 May 2011 at 00:50

    The problem here FE, is that the younger generation, to whom you refer have never known any different .. they have no other terms of reference ..

    They need the leadership & encouragement (literal use of the word) which we of the previous generation can provide ..

    We have to show them that there's a better alternative .. and that alternative is attainable ..

  3. Absolutely agree with both of you.

  4. "I am of the old era, born in 49."
    My year too - clearly an excellent vintage.

    Things go in cycles and once you reach a certain age, you've seen enough of them to spot the stupidities repeating themselves a mile off. The trouble is, by that time you are not going to start a revolution.


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