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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Buckle your Swash.

Pirates of the Caribbean


  1. Captain Haddock1 May 2011 at 20:06

    Haven't they all "up-anchored" & sodded-off to the Somali coast ? .. ;)

  2. Haven't they all "up-anchored" & sodded-off to the Somali coast ?

    If they have, perhaps the "Pirates of the Mediterranean" could pay them a visit?

    Superb British engineering - and there's some ships in the clip as well...

  3. Captain Haddock2 May 2011 at 01:35

    Anyway .. stop faffing about FE ..

    I want to compare your "Dits" from the "Far Flung" with my own fond memories .. ;)

    I might even be tempted to contribute a couple of the more "publish-able" ones .. :) :)

  4. Captain Haddock2 May 2011 at 01:45

    Great clip MD, thanks for that ..

    I'm old enough to remember the Fleet Air Arm flying "Buccs" off Carriers .. Hence the folding wings, nose & tail cones ..

    Oddly enough, they were originally built about 15 miles from where I now live ..

  5. Is this be a fourth Pirates of...?

  6. Stop nagging Captain. The next episode will be out shortly. Good vid MD

  7. Captain Haddock2 May 2011 at 09:54

    Alright FE .. "Ring-off main Engines" .. ;)

  8. Buccaneers & Phantoms doing deck landings on the Ark Royal:

    "Jolly Good Show!!"

  9. Captain Haddock2 May 2011 at 18:07

    Cracking clip MD .. thanks again ..

    In spite of all the good-natured jibes about "WAFU's" .. one has to respect the balls of steel those blokes have ..

  10. Fell out with this series in number two....or was it three(?), where Sparrow is captured and brought before the Guvoner.

    There is a squad of Royal Marines guarding . Kit is perfect. Late 1700s Royal Marine "Lobster" uniforms. Then they about turned.

    FUCK SAKE!!!

    What silly BASTARD taught them to about turn using 1800s U.S forces Drill regs????

  11. Captain Haddock3 May 2011 at 12:37

    "What silly BASTARD taught them to about turn using 1800s U.S forces Drill regs" ????

    Presumably, the same sort of silly Septic bastard who came up with the absurd notion that they had anything to do with the capture of a functioning Enigma machine, in May 1941 ..

    Why didn't they just contact the Royal Marines Museum at Eastney, Portsmouth .. and simply ask ?

    At least Spielberg in "Saving Ryan's Privates" had the common-dog to use serving Royal Marines to cox'n the Landing Craft used in the opening scenes, which were co-ordinated by a former Royal Marines Landing Craft Branch Sgt Major, of my aquaintance ..

  12. Well, to them, anything that happened an hour ago is "history", a week ago is ANCIENT history, and was probably the Egyptians what done it whilst taking time off from building a pyramid or two. :-))

    I guess they thought no one would notice.

  13. Captain Haddock3 May 2011 at 18:05

    Aint that a fact FT ?


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