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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Went to the races again.

* For my engineering interested readers there will be a post next week that will include ladies of the night, transvestites, and steam porn.*

A good day out was had by all. No winners at all this time. What amazed me was the weather. In half an hour the temperature dropped from 26 deg to 14 deg and we experienced the heaviest hail storm I have ever known. Anyone else suffered the same today?

That was the up side.

The down side is that Mrs FE and my niece are watching an old film and are denuding the cellars of FE towers. The wine level is now reaching critical.


  1. Neve been a racing type but I did once spend a day at the Cartmel Races which was fun, if a bit Scousy.
    "Steam Porn" sounds promising.

  2. Yup, tremendous storm here, though no hail, just driving rain - 2 inches in about twenty minutes, and terrific thunder and lightning.


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