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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sick Bird Mincers

It would seem that everything is not going quite so well in the Offshore wind turbine industry.

Roughly 600 of Europe’s installed 948 offshore turbines have been prone to grout connection failure, causing turbines to tilt within their monopile foundations. But according to some, the problem lies less with the grout itself, than with a design that relies on grout to hold the foundation and transition piece together.


So that’s 2/3 that are failing already. However all is not lost.

Retrofits: expensive, but promising

Several solutions to remedy ailing monopiles have come to the fore………………………………….

So the repairs are going to most likely cost us a small fortune.

Bloody useless bits of kit. They produce bugger all electricity when the wind isn’t blowing and fall over when it does.


  1. Don't these greenies have any bloody engineers?

    Personally l'd want my money back under 'Not fit for purpose' (not that l'd ever have them built in this first place mind).

    l'd love to get inside them all and disconnect the braking system (prob feathering props system?) and then sit back and wait for a gale. :)

  2. Good site that. The 'wind industry' or as I prefer to call it the 'subsidy sucking industry' prove very quickly just how utterly clueless they are
    The oil industry knows that putting in a fixed platform of any type is a big headache. Monopiles need to be perpendicular, so if they go ‘off beam’, you’ve got a big, expensive problem. Fatigue from current and waves sets in pretty quickly and a lot of monopiles are already breaking up due to problems with the grout and tilting.

    An important point is that the oil industry never does anything offshore – everything is done on land and then floated out when you get the weather window.

    Which explains why Huhne and Millipede before him fit right in, bastards!

  3. And is the penny finally beginning to drop with the not-so great and do-no-good? Not a fucking hope.


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