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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Don’t break it or you’re doomed.

I hope that you follow these guidelines for your own sake.


A public service broadcast by TFE.


  1. Oh l'm scared ... why isn't there a bulb thats safe? ;-)

    Someone should do something! lol

  2. Why won't someone think of the cheeeldren?

  3. One broke in 10 Downing Street last week.

    This was the H & S E response.

  4. So will we soon have big health warnings on the packaging?

  5. Something of an improvement over the old filament bulbs I think.
    In the past I would just utter "Oh Sh$t" and get a brush. Under the new regieme you can make quite the drama from a crisis. Much more exciting than just getting a dustpan and brush! Of course you can still get "Real" bulbs if you know where to look...
    (Inspection Light Bulbs - Keep it inder your hat...)

  6. Here are the "Disclaimers" tucked away in a box on the EPA site. Notice in the middle the phrase "....information based on EPA’s current understanding of the potential hazards..."
    Which just about clears them of any sue-able situation.
    If my current understanding of(....) differs from EPA presumably I can tell them to get lost.
    Peter Melia

  7. I am also surprised there is no mention of wearing a respirator or hazmat suit. It is good to say not to use CFLs in some areas after banning the alternative.

    I can see we will soon have to account for each of these lights to ensure that none are disposed of inappropriately or illegally. Perhaps another government department at great cost.

  8. I just throw them in the bin. Having worked around mercury for years I can't be arsed about the scare stories that become increasingly louder by the day.

  9. Simpler version.

    If a CFL bulb breaks - leave house, wrap it in plastic, demolish it, and put all the contents into a nuclear disposal facility guaranteed for 1,000,000 years.


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