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Monday, 11 April 2011

25%. You what?

Is there something you’ve forgotten to tell us Mr Cameron?

The European Union is set to propose new regulations which could see British fuel prices rise by up to 25 per cent.

And that nice Mr Osbourne has let us have a whole 1p back.

Basing fuel tax on energy content rather than volume will mean a significant price rise for haulage companies and private motorists who use diesel.

That means diesel will cost me £1.76 a litre against the £1.41 I’m paying at present. At the moment it costs me £98.70 to fill up my tank. if that rise goes ahead it’s going to cost me £123. 37 in the future. An increase of  £24.67. WTF will that do to our Hauliers? I can see most small hauliers going to the wall and shops running out of goods, if this madness comes about

If this goes ahead we are truly screwed as a nation. Get a grip you cunts and do the right thing. Tell them to taking a running jump into Le Manche.


  1. Surely to Christ we are rapidly approaching boiling point?

    For the last three days I have driven past the same filling station in Banff. Each day the price has risen by a penny. Unleaded is now 139.9 per litre.

    And no-one fucking complains!

    I filled up my car yesterday. £131.9 per litre. Eighty-six bastarding quid!


  2. Should have pointed out that I filled up at a superstore and not the filling station I mentioned above.


  3. I've resorted to subterfuge. I wait till the tank is just about empty and then let the wife use it for work. naturally she has to fill it up in order to get home. Win Win either way.

  4. A cunning plan indeed.

    But what if she uses YOUR money?

    Mind you, I went out for the first time on my sons scooter tonight. Bloody fumes. He must have read your reply. Before you even wrote it.

    Had to fill it up.

    Cost me £6.38p.

    I nearly got wood.


  5. C'est La Manche. Je should know.

  6. Hmm, if I did that to my wife she would simply run out and then call me.


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