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Thursday, 31 March 2011


I started this blog about two years ago. What I can’t understand is why I write the drivel that I come up with. More interesting is that people actually read it and come back for more.

My ghast is truly flabbered.

Do come back and make suggestions, abuse me, in the comments. I will try to reply. (Honest).

If anyone who reads this has a particular issue that they feel needs to be addressed, them do E mail me at Niklowe[at]

That includes you Huw.

I’m truly humbled to have a loyal following. *Especially those from Kent County Council*

It’s difficult to blog every day, but your support makes it worth it. You’re the true heroes, and I salute you for taking hard earned time to follow this blog.  But hey, why don’t you give it a go. You might find it as fun, as this blogger does.


  1. Awe, that's nice. I think you're doing yourself a disservice calling it drivel. Most blogs I read are far superior to much of what I read from professional journalists.

  2. I like your stuff. Keep it up and at 'em. I'm off to Hop Farm July 1st. At the mo I can't tell if I've been ripped or no. But then I'm from Devon ye naw.

  3. I read it because I like it. I no longer read newspapers or watch TV, I read blogs and yours is one I read. I agree with subrosa, most of the blogs I read are far superior to mainstream journalism.

    Bloggers are far more likely to analyse situations from an interesting point of view, even if they only point out the funny side. Traditional journalists, with a few exceptions, simply seem to copy and paste press releases.

    Without bloggers for example, the lies of climate change alarmists wouldn't have been challenged. Certainly not by the appalling BBC.

  4. Captain Haddock1 April 2011 at 09:07

    Like the other commentators here FE .. I read your Blog on a regular basis & consider it anything but drivel ..

    I no longer buy Newspapers or watch TV News, as I got fed up to the back teeth of reading & watching those whose livelihood depended on their ability & willingness to regurgitate the "party line" on every subject known to mankind ..

    Bloggers are, thankfully, free of this constraint & are therefore able to address or expose matters of public interest in a more realistic & truthful way & to make observations which the so-called professionals lack the courage to do ..

    Keep at it ..

  5. Thanks all for you comments. Be prepared for more drivel from this swivel-eyed loon then. You have been warned.

  6. Look forward to it.

    How about a 3-parter on engineering education? What it was like, how it is now, what we should do to improve matters.

    Nick Drew in Capitalists@Work has written alarmingly that we have more or less run out of suitable nuclear engineers as the older ones are retiring but we don't have replacements.

  7. WOAR. That's an idea I may pursue. Thanks

  8. I was going to comment but it appears that Tufty and Captain Haddock have already said it. :)

  9. I imagine you write this (not) drivel because you're sick and tired of the way our country has been systematically destroyed from within (as well as outside).

    Your visitors come here because we feel the same way.

    Note to Kent County Council - if any of you reading this are Common Purpose "graduates" consider yourselves the traitorous scum referred to above...

  10. MD. I feel that I'm trying to shovel water up hill when I see what the government is doing to us. And it doesn't seem to matter what party they are.

  11. Daily read for me mate...keep it up :-)


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