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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Just to remind some of the doom mongers out there. Just watch the vid below. We are nowhere near peak oil, or anything approaching it.

Does that explain it in simple enough terms?


  1. Excellent - so simple isn't it?

  2. Necessity... is the mother...

  3. It does indeed explain it simply.
    Here is another simple explanation.
    I once worked in BP. They indulged in 3 forecasts, an annual, a 5-annual and a 25-annual.
    Obviously, our budgets had to fit in with the annual, which was OK, we could handle that, but at my pay level, the 5-annual was pretty inscrutable, and to all of us the 25-annual was something else.
    What happened with the latter was that it was BP policy to try and ensure that they had sufficient reserves for 25 years, which was reasonable for a company such as BP.
    The government used BP's (and Shell's etc) figures for their own forecasts, which is why we always had just enough oil for the next 25 years.
    Peter Melia

  4. Oh yeah, I see all so clearly now.

    Oil is a never-ending resource.


    What the video blogged does prove is that the cost of oil, generally speaking, has only ever increased.

    What will happen is that the cost of oil will increase exponentially, as it decreases in quantity.

    In lay-mans terms: petrol/diesel/gas/oil will only be available to the rich in the future.

    Really FE, think a bit more.

  5. Yet another eco myth nailed.

    The only thing that we all seem to be truly running out of is the truth.

  6. I agree with E.V.

    NOTHING will ever run out. It will just become too expensive to buy.

  7. EV, what is your take on Shale Oil?

  8. Yes it does become expensive in the short term. However North sea oil extraction was expensive in the early days until the technology caught up.

    Shale oil extraction, when the bugs are ironed out, will drive down the price of oil. And we won't be beholden to the Opec Cartel.

  9. English Viking. I might add that I do a lot of research into what I blog about. Bye the way, when are you going to post on your blog? Can I then comment there? If you are so adamant about your facts, please post on your blog, and don't pontificate on mine.

  10. F.E.

    Point taken, you'll not see me again.

    Didn't realise other opinions were not wanted.


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