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Monday, 28 March 2011

Oh Dear

I think I may have buggered up filling in my Census form on line.

If you see someone wandering the streets muttering that he has been kicked out of his 12 bedroom home by his white hindu wife, whilst chanting the religious mantra “Smokers will ascend to heaven”, in Albanian. That might be me. Of course the main reason for the wandering is, that in my old age, I’ve forgotten where my 10 company cars are parked.

Oh well, Ho Hum.


  1. Could it have been a Hacker?

    I realise that some forms get filled in from Internet Cafes, and consequently the IP address might not be yours.

  2. Stinker, going online to save Lockheed Martin money. I trust that at least you turned off your spell checker.

  3. A 40 yo unemployed (never worked) student with 7 cars who lives abroad for over 30 days of the year lives in my house apparently.


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