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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ethical fuel


Don’t make me larf.

A single full tank of bio-ethanol uses up as much grain as an adult can eat in a whole year. In order to cover the German requirement for biofuel, an arable area of around one million hectares would be needed (Ed: That’s 3,861 square miles if you are British like me). That is four times the size of the south-western German state of Saarland, which would need to be fertilized, treated with pesticides and intensively farmed.

And of course we have no say in the matter. And of course another government quango sprang into life in order to bring this into being.


The Order imposes an obligation on fuel suppliers to ensure that, by 2010, renewable fuels make up 5% of their UK road fuel sales.

And why are we doing it? You’ve guessed.

The EU has set a target that by 2020 at least 10 per cent of transport fuel should come from biofuels.

Can we leave yet?


  1. Captain Haddock17 March 2011 at 18:28

    Why not simply render-down all those politicians caught fiddling their expenses ?

    I mean, all that lard & gas must be combustible ..

    Jacqui Smith alone would keep a small, family-sized saloon going for at least 6 months ..

    Prescott would keep my Land Rover "Discovery" going for a whole year ..

    I call that fairly ethical ..

  2. It would probably damage your engine. Better not.

  3. Oh I don't know - the time spent stripping it down and scraping the burnt remains of that useless fat bastard off the component parts would be worth it, just for the satisfaction...

  4. If you looked under the bonnet of my motor vehicle you'd slam the bonnet and call for a tow truck. And I'm an engineer that's worked on engines all my life.


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