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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Will we see change?

Now the the American house of representatives has passed a resolution to stop funding the IPCC, will we see anything like it happening in the UK and Europe? I very much doubt it in the near future, as our coalition has a) vested interests, and b) they’re to spineless to admit they’re wrong in backing the wrong horse in the race to appease the neo left greenies that inhabit the Libdems.

I really despair when I read about how normal everyday citizens are suckered into spending vast amounts of their hard earned cash in installing green energy projects, which will, in the end of the day, leave them wishing that they had never been so stupid in the first place. Yes by all means install a solar panel on your roof, bur look into the costs you’ll incur in keeping it in working order.

I wrote a piece last year that used the government stats, and my simple engineering  expertise showed that after twenty years you would barely break even.

It’s up to you. Go green. Go broke. Just don’t expect me to pay for your mistakes.


  1. "Now the the American house of representatives has passed a resolution to stop funding the IPCC ... "

    I should think that Inspector Gadget will be delighted by the news ..

  2. I've some small knowledge in the field of green energy and unless people live in specific locations it is generally nothing more than a FUN hobby. Take away the state grants and reduce the feed-in tariffs (as Daffy Dave is promising) and watch all those expensive wind farms become redundant.

    When people realise the cost of green electricity and the lack of proper back up power stations the Govt better run for cover.


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