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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday Night Nostalgia

A young female welder who is passionate about dance falls in love with the owner of the plant she works in. What she doesn’t realise is that he pulled strings to get her an audition with a top dance academy. But………………………. They lived happily ever after. I hope.


  1. DAVE: Hey, what's this? I didn't go
    on the nick in ASDA for some chuffing women's how-to video.

    GAZ: It's "Flashdance."
    She's a welder, isn't she?

    DAVE: A welder?

    I hope she dances better than she welds. Look at that... her mix is all to cock.

    GAZ: What the fuck do you know
    about welding, any road?

    DAVE: More than some chuffing woman. It's like Bonfire Night.
    That's too much acetylene.

    Them joints won't hold fuck all.

  2. She was arc welding. I must admit though, I really enjoyed gas welding, To get it right was like an art form. A gentle wrist action and you could see a work of art appear.

  3. Arc... gas... I still can't watch that sequence without thinking of The Full Monty.

  4. It didn't last. He got colon cancer and died a slow agonising death. She's now selling her wobblies in Manchester for a tenner a go to feed her methadone habit. Couldn't stick metal together to save herself, the daft bint...

    Why is it kids always have nightmares after I tell them fairytales? (shrugs)

  5. Arc, gas, bronze, lead and silver soldering.
    In terms of ease... at least for me.
    Arc, Gas, Lead, Bronze, Silver Soldering.

    Good times from long ago and I was only a plumber!

  6. Silver soldering is easy as long as you get the workpiece up to an orange coloured heat. If you try below that you are doomed. Doomed I say. Doomed.


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