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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Who sues who?

In light of the revelation purported yesterday by Roger Harrabin, that the MET office knew we were in for a bad winter, but only told central government. Who takes the can?

If the MET office tells the government, and the government holds the information back from the public, local government,  and industry, can the aforementioned seek redress from the government?  Surely if central government had passed the information on, then the likes of Heathrow could have planned ahead for snow clearance. Instead there was chaos.

My second point I would like to address is why didn’t the Met Office publicly disseminate this information? After all it is the public that owns the Met Office through it’s taxes.

Here are the Weasel words from the Met office.

"We withdrew from making public our forecasts for the season because the public said they didn't want them.

"We always said they're useful for other people - obviously that includes the Cabinet Office and contingency planners.

"We did research at the start of last year and the public said a monthly forecast was far more useful than seasonal forecasts."

They kept that research quiet didn’t they? Too busy banging on about AGW I suppose.


  1. "We withdrew from making public our forecasts for the season because the public said they didn't want them."

    Come off it! It wasn't that we didn't want them, it was because they were rubbish and so you gave up in the face of justified ridicule.

  2. They couldn't make up their minds by the day before the last snow fall.

  3. The Met Office's forecasting model is so inaccurate that their new supercomputer (if they ever get it), will produce the same garbage, just more quickly. They are the laughing stock of ALL other forecasters, cf. Piers Corbyn, Accuweather or Meteo, all of whom foresaw a cold December.
    But the benefit of bullshit, sorry, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

  4. Corbyn said he didn't have a supercomputer, he just used his computer, presumably a desktop PC.
    Accuweather said something similar.
    Why not divvy-up the never tranche of the 30 million for the Mets. upgrade, say as follws:-
    Met = nowt.
    Corbyn= 20,000 (say), to but a decent computer.
    Accuweather nowt (sorry Accuweather, but you've got Obama to help).
    The rest to the UK taxpayer, in reduced taxes.
    Peter Melia

  5. Sorry folks, should read "newer" rather than "never".
    Peter Melia


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