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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Doesn’t make sense.

You’ve just upgraded your fleet of cars with new sound systems, fitted new fuel economic engines and have paid the cost already. Surely you wouldn’t cut them into pieces because you couldn’t afford to run them, would you?


Substitute the word “car” for Nimrod MRA4, and you see why you shouldn’t let Governments run anything.


  1. Tragically, as your cost estimates from your garage are a work of fiction, the delay in fitting your upgrades are so long they no longer make your vehicle any more, your purpose for buying the vehicles was superceded before you even attempted the upgrade, and you still need a roadworthiness certificate before they'll even let one of them on the road, if they ever come back from the garage, might I suggest you give up now....

    from someone who has more than a passing aquaintance with both parties to this sorry tale

  2. This puts a somewhat different spin on it...

  3. It is absolutely imperative that these aircraft are destroyed beyond hope of reconstruction as quickly as possible, before someone finds another use for them "with only a few modifications" and we end up flushing another £20,000,000,000 down the shitter.


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