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Thursday, 13 January 2011

And you wonder why the crime rate is high?

filler cap

A police force had to spend thousands of pounds fixing vehicles after officers put petrol in diesel cars — despite “talking” fuel caps warning them not to.

Officers from Essex Police used the wrong fuel 332 times in the past seven years at a cost of £62,000.

Figures disclosed by a Freedom of Information Request show that police chiefs were first alerted to the problem in 2008. They decided to take action by installing yellow fuel caps and a warning system on each car at a total cost of £4,000.

But despite the precaution, diesel police cars were wrongly filled with petrol 110 times in the following two years.

Filler caps at £4,000 a car! Why couldn’t they’ve  just written above the filler in felt tip?





  1. Why couldn’t they’ve just written above the filler in felt tip?


    Have they graduated from crayon then?

  2. But they'd have to choose from a multitude of colours.

  3. "installing yellow fuel caps and a warning system on each car at a total cost of £4,000."

    does not equal

    "Filler caps at £4,000 a car!" to me.

    It equals £4000 divided by however many cars there were a car.

  4. To join the police force you must demonstrate sufficient intelligence to be able to tell chalk from cheese & black from white, but apparently not diesel from petrol. Muppets indeed!

  5. My car is a 1997 Hilux Surf. On it's filler cap, which is light grey by the way, is the word DIESEL in capital letters and presumably the same word in Japanese calligraphy.
    On the filler flap which opens outward and is black there is a large white sticker which repeats these two words in bright red.
    Above the filler cap on the body of the car is another sticker is the words DIESEL ONLY.

    As ever the Japanese plan for worst case (thick driver not knowing what fuel the car runs on) and the British just employ thickies.

  6. Well .. this was in Essex when all's said & done ..

    Wonder how many of the guilty Police drivers were female ?

  7. There is no crime in North Korea!

  8. "There is no crime in North Korea"!

    There is Zero common sense in Essex Police either ..


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