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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The small society

Why does David Cameron keep banging on about the “Big Society”? I’m much happier with my local “Small Society”.

1. My lovely Post girl who always waves and shouts a greeting with a beaming smile which lights up my day.

2. My local shop, where the staff are polite and helpful.

3. The local Postmaster who is always cheery and nothing I post is beyond him.

4. The Milkman that delivers the milk whilst attired in shorts, even when the temperature is Minus Eight.

5. The Ditsy Blonde from down the road who pops in for a drink and has me in fits of laughter.

6. Watching the local cricket team playing badly.

7. My neighbour who feeds the cats whilst we’re away.

8.  The Bin men who run down the road but will take anything.

I Could go on but this is a small society. So sod off Dave, I don’t need you and your “Big Society” I have real Society.


  1. BUT a requirement of the Big Society is LOCALISM.
    Sounds good doesn't it?
    This is so all of us can influence decisions at a local level AND if, we're not happy, we can tell them at the next local elections long after the damage is done!
    Even the Parish Councils are to be given more powers [so all will be well when our (laughable, loud, local shopkeeper controlled) council continues to totally ignore the residents].
    Cameron and Big Government will not be to blame - it will all be the fault of underling 'crats.
    SIMPLES - We can all influence local politics just as we did when a referendum rejected the formation of a Unitary Authority with a majority of around 90% - Oh, by the way, the County Council has been replaced by a Unitary Authority because 'They know best'.

  2. The small society is great isn't it? Wish I shared your experience! See :

  3. With you all the way on that FE.

  4. I'd love to know precisely what "Big Society" means ..

    Rarely, if ever does "Big" in anything, imply better

    I just wish Cameron & his ilk would leave "society" well alone & allow people to get on with their lives instead of constantly meddling and trying to engineer "society" to conform with their personal, notional view of how it should be..

    If Cameron paid more attention to looking after Britain's interests in the wider world people might start to take him a little more seriously ..

    Until such time he will be viewed by the majority simply as a "Flim-Flam" man, who is not up the job for which he's being massively over-paid ..

  5. You sound as if you are a happy man - and there are damn few of them about at present!

    My old Gran always used to say we should count our blessings - and you seem to be more blessed than most.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Could you put up with another Marine Engineer (who came ashore after 14 years away, 24 years ago; but is still an engineer for his sins) moving in somewhere near? Sounds brilliant where you live and probably a lot sunnier than West Yorkshire.



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