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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Make this Global Warming stop.

I’ve dug out the path to the garage four times, to enable passage to the freezer.

I’ve de-snowed (Is this a new word?) the car twice.

I’ve cleared the drive twice. (Using the slave labour of Mrs FE).

Run out of milk.

Run out of bread ( I could have killed the couple who came out  of the local shop with eight loaves this morning. I hope they are all stale by tomorrow morning).

My gas and electricity dials are turning faster than a whirling dervish on heat.

The only consolation is that I’ve enough booze and fags to last me through the night. (The booze and fag police won’t be able to get through the snow).

Ho Hum, could be worse I suppose.

In the spring I intend to experiment in adapting the lawnmower into a snow blower.


  1. Get a rotary mower with a spare collection bag. Cur the end off the spare bag and replace with a vertically-mounted piece of hardboard angled to your left, as you stand behind the mower.
    You have a snow-blower!
    Mine (a Honda mower) cleared the drive, but almost buried the hedge, in about 15 minutes flat.

  2. Having shovelled several time a day for the last week I am running out of places for heaps of new snow.

    What I really need isn't a snow blower but a huge liquid fuel powered snow melter to pump out some more CO2 to get rid of the damned stuff at source.

  3. I modified a blow torch to make a flame thrower type device which melted the ice to perfection.
    The added benefit of this is that it generates lots of lovely C02.Combining that with 2 vehicles ticking over for half an hour and I feel my contribution to climate change bollocky bollocks is done for today.

  4. Get a 4x4 and just drive over the stuff. More expensive I know, but very satisfying.

  5. None of that wimp stuff


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