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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

How long is a Flurry?

The BBC weather reported that deepest Kent would have a flurry of snow today. How can seven hours of continuous snow be a flurry?

30 cms of the stuff and it is still flurrying.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flurry may refer to: A snow flurry; that is, a brief snow shower


  1. Here in Cumbria, which is geographically varied and friggin enormous, we were promised 'continuous snow showers' today. I have no idea what a continuous shower is and cannot be arsed e-mailing the Met office to try and find out but we have had a glorious sunny day with not a flake in sight.
    Met Office pack of climatological wankers!

  2. No, the first bit is a flurry, the rest of it is just frozen Global warming.


  4. Maybe it was a MacFlurry to which they were alluding ??

  5. Never mind the flurries feel the depth. A reporter (may have been in the Midlands) on TV was talking about 'a 10cm fall of snow or six inches or half a foot'.

  6. Yeah ..

    And a pint of blood is "very nearly an armful" ...

    Bet they were reporting from a "Muli-culturally rich environment" ..


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