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Friday, 31 December 2010

Are we there yet?

Why do we have this obsession for seeing the new year in? It’s going to happen whatever we do. About now I’m sick of seeing mediocre acts on Jool’s hollands Hootenanny and would prefer to just disapear up to bed with a cup of horlicks, and jump into bed in my winciette pyjamas and a hot water bottle. (I made that last bit up).

Instead I shall nurse another large drink until midnight, and then slink quietly off to my slough of despond in the hope that I’ll wake in time for lunch.


  1. I've just seen a classic, he had a guy on , introduced as a founder of 'Reggae' and classic trombone player. Who was about 10 years older than God and talked his way through 'Wonderful world' with a trombone in his hand.

    I guess at no point in the recording was he actually able to blow it.

    [you did know it was pre-recorded didn't you?]

  2. Happy New Year. We are still here, so that's a good start.

  3. Jools was very poor. How l wish for the days of OGWT New Year progs ... just great music and vids and nothing more!

  4. Hang on a minute, "prefer to just disapear up to bed with a cup of horlicks, and jump into bed...winciette pyjamas and a hot water bottle"???

    What you doing round my mums?

  5. New Year was so uninspiring that me and The Wife looked at each other at 11:45 and almost simultaneously said "why are we waiting for this?" And then went to bed. 2011 isn't exactly a year I've been leaping with joy to see.

    Goodness but that sounded arseholey! I think I might go have a muffin to brighten my mood


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