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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Money down the drain.

More of our money lost in this stupid desire by our politicians to ruin the country.

The world’s largest offshore wind project has incurred major cost over-runs in recent months. Wind Energy Update investigates what went wrong and how future projects could avoid similar pitfalls.

And of course it will deliver enough energy for our future needs?

The Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Project, located 25km off the UK’s Suffolk coast, is the world's largest wind farm currently under construction.  When complete, it will boast 140 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 504MW, capable of producing 1,900kWh of energy every year – an impressive 5% of the UK's 2010 renewable energy target of 10%.

Will it buggery. We need gigawatts, not kilowatts. Note as well that they’ve missed their target by 50%.

Then of course they just have a teensy weensy problem with our money.

But the project, estimated to cost £650m excluding the cost of grid-connection, has run into difficulties.  As a result, US-based company Fluor, responsible for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), recently announced that its third quarter results will include approximately US$163 million (£101.484 million) in cost over-runs on the project.

FFS. I’ve had enough of this green shit. I’m going to chuck another log on the fire and pour myself a Large whisky.


  1. If you paint a shite green, charge the taxpayer millionty-something pounds for painting it, and then fail to deliver on your extremely ambitious promises of wonderous things emanating from this now green shite - you will be forgiven.... after all the shite is green and green is good, isn't it? Wouldn't want to be blown up for disagreeing with the cult message would we?

  2. If I ran a private business like that, I'd soon be a non business. But hey. It's only taxpayers money after all. We don't count.

  3. Have these numbers been presented to deliberately obfuscate I wonder?

    So at peak it can produce 2MW from an installed base of 500MW, or an efficiency of 0.4% which by any standards is fucking appalling.

    And what of this:

    an impressive 5% of the UK's 2010 renewable energy target of 10%.

    I read that as 0.5% of the Government target which I suspect is the reality, although they want you to believe its half of the target.

  4. I nad many others have been banging on about this energy scam for years. It's like banging your head against a brick wall.

  5. In support of SimonF's remarks, when I was at it, if we ordered (say) a 30,000hp power plant, then we expected 30,000 hp AT LEAST, not 1500hp at best.
    Peter Melia


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