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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Weapon of man’s destruction

This article says it all about women and their unwitting weapon in the fight against the male sex.

Throughout Britain's streets a dangerous weapon is on the rise. Both the trafficking and the ownership of the weapon remain legal – and, protected by the law, its users show little or no remorse for the harm they inflict. I hereby call on the Government to take urgent action against this menace. As the weeks go by, it will only become more widespread.

And if you’re a man.

I'm aware, incidentally, that there exist some male pedestrians who carry xxxxxxxxs. These creatures are not men in any true sense and should be looked upon with suspicion.

Have a guess at what the womens’ weapon of choice is?


  1. Hairspray ??

  2. I was going to say hairspray :) but I'm wrong aren't I?

  3. It's just gotta be fags, what else leads to smokers droop?

  4. Umbrellas. It says so in the article.

  5. I'd put the wheelie/come-along suitcase/briefcase in the same league.


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