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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hypocrites R Us


Just goes to show that the left doesn’t know what the right are doing. Best do your homework first before you start pontificating.

A council with one of London's strongest anti-smoking policies has bowed to pressure to reveal nearly £1.5 million it invests in tobacco firms.

Of course they didn’t want the truth out in the open.

But during an Evening Standard investigation into the payment of more than £160 million by London council pension funds into cigarette-making firms, the authority tried to obstruct publication of its holdings in such companies.
Officials eventually conceded the council directly owns £1 million in RJ Reynolds, maker of Camel cigarettes, through its pension fund. Further inquiries showed it invests nearly £500,000 more in other cigarette companies including
British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco.

Redbridge Council. Hang your heads in shame.

Me. I just laugh at the hypcrites

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