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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Green and LGBT.

Another self serving bunch of twats trying to justify their existence.

In a statement on the Comprehensive Spending Review announcement today, Phelim Mac Cafferty, the chair of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans (LGBT) Greens stated:

"The proposed cuts in today's Comprehensive Spending Review are gravely worrying for the LGBT community.

WTF and why?

"The axing of nearly half a million jobs in the public sector will hit LGBT people disproportionately. It will mean the erosion of dedicated service provision to among many others groups, LGBT people. Public services, meanwhile, will be placed in the hands of private profiteers.


An eye-watering £18 billion cut in welfare spending between now and 2015[1] will hurt those who have lost their jobs through the recession and those unwell on benefits. Along with the dramatic hike in National Insurance, the poorest are unfairly facing the blame. For those on housing benefit, especially given the imposed caps on housing benefit, we can sadly only expect a rise in homelessness, despite the fact that we know already that there are a disproportionate quantity of LGBT homeless.

The point of this missive is that I get pissed off by special interest groups sounding out about how badly treated they are. Grow a pair of balls* and realise that life isn’t fair.

* Not sure whether that is apt for the transgender or Lesbians.

Then again why should I care?


  1. Special interest groups within special interest groups. Where will it end?

    You could have a disabled within LGBT within Greens within global warming special interest group.

    What's the point in being a minority within a minority unless you want to claim money disproportionaly to the size of the group. Ahhh. I think I've just answered my own question!

  2. "Realise that life isn't fair"... and what a wanker you are if you do realise that, but try to make it a little bit fairer.
    As for the Greens having an LGBT group - they are no different from any other political party. I believe all three major parties have groups representing sexual (and other -racial, religious) minorities.
    Politics is about groups of individuals representing their own interests and trying to get the best deal for themselves. Currently, the Tories are the most successful at this. They are just a larger special interest group than others.
    Unfortunately, you are a group of... one.

  3. Glad.

    There's too many groups trying to suckle off the public teet. What they all forget is that the government of the day who they insist should give them more, has no money.

    That money comes from the taxpayer by force if neccessary. It is not free money to be thrown at every special interest group that feels hard done by.

  4. Up to a point I agree - it's just the Tories are suckling their favourites too. Look at the Quangos that got "axed" and those that have been allowed to continue. Those that promote the business interests of their friends seemed to get off quite lightly. And Osborne won't do anything to endanger his £4million trust fund.

    I'm just saying in a country of 60 million or so, there will always be competing interest groups who think THEIR ideology is the one by which every one else should live, be that corporatism, multiculturalism, socialism, capitalism, welfarism, libertarianism, whatever. Cycles turn. There is nothing new under the sun. There will always be someone one shouting it is their turn now and everything is so unfair. (Makes me think of Kevin and Perry off Harry Enfield.)


  5. The cuts will dispropotionatley affect the LBGTs because the public sector has been employing shirt lifters above everyone else for years.

    Gladiolys - The interests of the LBGT group should be no different to everyone elses interests. The should be no favourable treatment for "minorities", particularly if it tneeds to be funded by the taxpayer.

    As for Tory "business interests", the private sector creates resources. The public sector drains resources.


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