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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Climate scepticism. A Challenge.

polar bears

Why is it that those of us who have a healthy desire to see an honest debate on climate change meet with so much hostility?

Why is it taken to be proven that man is to blame for Global cooling/Global warming/Global climate disruption, etc, etc, by some computer models, when those models don’t agree with the observations?

Why do I get vilified by anonymous commenter's when I point out facts that I’ve gleaned from governments and renewable energy consortia, outlining the uncertainties and costs of these forms of energy? Is it because those commenter's have been so brainwashed that they are afraid, no, terrified, that they might have been hoodwinked into believing a lie?

I have three children and certainly don’t wish them a bad future. So all of you Anons out there. Why am I sceptical of the science?

Because I’m an engineer. No I'm not a scientist. However engineers have to think in an analytical manner otherwise nothing would work as it should. I had the laws of thermodynamics drummed into me from an early age and therefore know all about radiation, convection, and heat transfer.

Most of the comments I receive usually contain “Don’t you know the science is settled?” or “All the scientists agree”.

Well then, all you Anons. Prove it to me with verifiable facts. And no, I don’t mean copies of Al Gore’s “An inconvenient truth”, or the Hockey stick graph. They would cause me to slash my wrists in frustration.

And if you dare cite the myth of the dying polar bears…….

That’s me for now Oh righteous ones. I’m going to do something truly despicable to you.

I’m going to smoke a cigarette.


  1. They can't prove a negative, that's where all their folly falls down. It's now in the category of a religion based on faith and not on facts.
    The planet is cooling, they've cost us trillions in wasted "green" energy schemes and useless carbon cutbacks. Stupid environmental laws that produce environmentally unfriendly lightbulbs that are worse polluters than the stuff they replace.
    They have to keep the scam going, cos they realise the grave danger of being lynched if they don't

  2. You'll love this:-

    The anons on the other hand will be apoplectic with righteous outrage.

  3. FWIW this kind of scorn is even more difficult to endure if you work in an academic / scientific environment; though there are a few who are willing to listen.

  4. There are educated folk out there that are so up themselves and deluded that even when presented with the unequivocal evidence of their championing contrived, dysfunctional and fake theories go into absolute denial.

    The classic is The Sokal Affair

    AGW believers need their noses rubbing very firmly in the evidence. This mess cannot go unpunished.

  5. Excuse me! Stop stereotyping anons. We do not all believe in global warming or live in terror.

    Global warming is a fantastic get rich and powerful scheme for the fraudsters. It has been a huge growth industry but like all bubbles it will burst and hopefully result in a few of the bastards being jailed or hanged for their crimes.

  6. Could it possibly be that all the "Anons" (with the notable exception of the previous poster) are spotty, YTS or NVQ sorts, employed by the Global Warming scammers to trawl websites looking for dissent .. and commenting as they've been inducted to do ?

    They wouldn't stoop to that, to maintain the fiction and their massive income from the scam ...

    Would they ????

  7. One is attempting to do one's bit...

  8. Smoking a Sunday morning ciggie (one of many) as I type. More power to your elbow.

  9. Is it 10:10:10 day already?
    I'm off to the shed to light the stove and my pipe.


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