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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Ash. This is your fault.

The law of unintended consequences by an organisation that is funded by the taxpayer. Sanctimonious shits.

Yes I know the vid is sponsored by BAT. But this is not a false scenario. It is happening now.

Ash. You have the right of reply, but as I suspect, you don’t care as long as you are raking in the taxpayers money to fund your lifestyles.


  1. Don't agree FE ... I accuse ASH etc of being part of organised crime. :)

  2. But so far as the Anti-Smoking Nazis are concerned none of that other stuff matters ..

    So long as the "cheeeeldren" don't have to breathe ninth-hand smoke & Polar bears don't get coughs ..

  3. Over-taxing tobacco & alcohol is fuitless & pointless. Has no-one in government/HMRC heard of Prohibition?

    The local council has put up street signs near me warning buyers not to buy 'dangerous' 'counterfeit' tobacco on the street, as it finances everything from arms smuggling to people trafficing. If excise duties weren't so ridiculously high, there wouldn't be demand for 'counterfeit' tobacco.

    In any event, at least one acquaintance makes little secret that they buy imported tobacco. It looks like the real thing, except that it hasn't got the duty paid logo. Apparently it's widely available in many newsagents...


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