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Monday, 13 September 2010

Shocking story

danger of death 

A girl aged two escaped death after she touched live wires dangling from an untended electricity box.

Tassya-Leigh Greener received burns to her thumb and fingers after the shock travelled along her arms but missed her heart.

The youngster had strayed into a derelict garden next to her sister’s home in Middlesbrough.

Her mother Sindy, 43, is now demanding answers from the firm that owns the unoccupied house.

'I am still in shock about the whole thing. So many children play round there. It could have happened to any child.' she stated.
'I nearly lost my daughter because they didn’t bother to disconnect the electricity or even cover the box. It’s terrible.

'I went outside and Tassya-Leigh was lying on the ground.
'She had been knocked about three feet back. We were all just in shock.

‘The doctors can’t believe it didn’t kill her,’ she added.

Just a couple of questions.

Why wasn’t the garden fenced properly, seeing that you had a two year old? If not, why weren’t you supervising said two year old?

Who the fuck, calls their child Tassya–Leigh?


  1. "Who the fuck, calls their child Tassya–Leigh" ?

    The kind of mock-outraged fuckwit, who instead of supervising her offspring & ensuring its safety .. was probably on her 20th fag of the morning & midway through watching Jeremy Kyle ..whilst busily chattering with her mates on "Fart-face-book" or "Twatter" ..

    One wonders how long it will take for the inevitable "compo" claim to land on someone, somewhere's desk ..

  2. Quite recently there was a case of a toddler getting into a neighbour's garden and drowning in their pool.I don't recall the mother being vilified in quite the same way.

    Sorry, but not one of your better posts.

  3. I'm trying to make the point that to have a child, you are the one that must take responsibility for their safety. It's no good trying to shift the blame on to someone else. This mother failed her child.

    PS. My kids are still alive.

  4. Three legitimate questions if I may say so FE.

  5. It's difficult to add to those comments, all so valid. "Who the fuck, calls their child Tassya–Leigh" just about sums the situation up though.

  6. Robert - Did the mother in your story say "Oh shit, why wasn't I supervising my child" or did she claim compo?

    This is a good example of why parents should take responsibility for their parents; and quite a good post, I thought.

  7. A mother called Sindy, that's who!

    (Maybe tassi-early is another doll's name?)

  8. Ed P. I was waiting for someone to say that!

  9. Same thing happened to me, aged about 10, from loose wiring in our garage, done by my own dad, a qualified electrician. I was knocked back more than three feet, I can tell you. 330V and below is nothing to worry about, according to him. Do you think I should go whining to the papers?

  10. @assegai mike. I've had numerous belts from 230V. As you can see, I'm still here. I have even had a 440v shock. OK, it threw me across the space but as you can see I'm still here.

  11. I suggest the child's name is now changed to something more suitable.

    Taser-Leyden Jar, perhaps?

  12. Same thing happened to me when I was about two years old.
    I was sat on the stairs and managed to unscew the top off a junction box and touched a live
    terminal inside!!

    I got one hell of a shock but survived it.
    I think it was because I was sat on wooden stairs.....a crappy earth.

    Anyway I went on to spend my whole working life as an electrician!!

    This little girl was lucky, to be stood on a 'good' earth and
    survive that.


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