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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The saviour cometh.

No. I haven’t turned to religion I’m just feeling thoroughly pissed off over this.

The Bank of England’s deputy governor yesterday urged the country to go on a shopping spree to boost the fragile economy.

In an extraordinary move, Charles Bean said he wanted to see Britons ‘not saving more, but spending more’.


he said: ‘What we’re trying to do by our policy [low interest rates] is encourage more spending. Ideally, we’d like to see that in the form of more business spending but part of the mechanism that might encourage that is having more household spending. So, in the short-term, we want to see households not saving more, but spending more.’

Well Mr Bean, I’ve worked all my life in order to have a comfortable retirement and selfishly I want to keep my money. I’ve paid an extortionate amount of tax over all those years, so you’re not entitled to tell me what to do with my savings. After all with your quantative easing you devalued my savings in order to get you out of the hole you and the previous Government dug as it is.

So no Mr Bean, I shall not obey your orders to spend more for the good of the country. In a nutshell , get stuffed.

After all, when I snuff it, no doubt you’ll be round to my gaff for another sizeable wad.


  1. If this weren't so serious .. it would be laughable ...

    He's certainly well named ...

  2. Could not agree with you more - I have just posted it as my piss boiler of the year. I don't think anything will top this.

    My mate Old Nick has also just offered the twat for a burning.

    And this bastard has a 1.4 million pound pension pot and earns a quarter million a year. What the fuck does he know about reality???

  3. I suppose if one really wanted to stick it to them, savers could take their savings and put it in hard currency like silver and gold. It seems to me even the central banks are stocking up.

  4. Good grief, and the cycle begins again.

  5. Yes, i'm thinking of moving into bullion. Then again I'm thinking about moving me abroad. I'll take my tax elsewhere.

  6. I didn't know they did NVQ's in financial idiocy, this prat appears to have one though.


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