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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

No. Medway again.

A tail(sic) of fluffy animals, white lines, and an other department’s incompetence in Medway.

White lines have been painted over a fox as it lay dead in a village.

If you are of a weak or feeble disposition, or a bunny hugger, look away now.

FOX MM 21.9.10_PD1760398_l

I mean really, how could they have missed it? I honestly thought these sort of things were urban myths.

However the council attempted to wriggle out of it’s responsibility (As they do).

A council spokesman said: "This was an unfortunate incident that occurred while private contractors employed by the council were carrying out road marking work.

Note to the Council: He who submits the lowest tender is not always capable of executing that tender.

(Learnt by experience of shiprepairer contracts).

*I don’t know why I keep writing about Medway, I don’t even live there. However I do feel sorry for the inhabitants.*


  1. It's not so bad here :-D Collectively they mostly leave us alone.

  2. It's tempting to sedate small animals and leave them in the path of the painters.

    When they wake up and leave, there'd be a rabbit-shaped hole in the line.

    We could even do it with councillors...

  3. At least they're not saying it was another department's responsibility to move it, the emulsion application technicians (painters to the rest of us) aren't trained in the safe removal of dead foxes, yadda yadda yadda. Some would.

  4. “I don’t know why I keep writing about Medway, I don’t even live there. However I do feel sorry for the inhabitants.”

    OwN - I’m pleased you do. I don’t live there either, but I had to stay there a couple of years ago while visiting some business clients. (Gillingham is particularly gruesome, but the Chatham Dockyards are fantastic. Shame they closed).
    Part of the job involved discussions with some Medway councillors and officers. Without exception, they were the most incompetent and insular and ill-informed local public servants I’ve ever met. And I’ve met quite a few. The ordinary inhabitants were very friendly and pleasant, considering.
    I’ve always kept a watchful eye out for them, ever since. Life is a bit random, sometimes.

    (Not Anon, I am Lysistrata)

  5. This looks like the sort of random accident, that normally befell Pepe Le Pew.

  6. I thought they were an up to date version of "invasion" stripes, as found on WWII aircraft ..

    So that Foxes could be spotted more easily before they leapt into peoples bedrooms etc .. :):)

  7. I'm surprised this never made the nationals after all the hysteria about foxes.

  8. Please join the Say No to Medway City facebook group at

  9. They may technically be outside contractors but do they trade using the councils name?

    Recently went for a job interview with the electrical services branch of a large county council in the north. Whilst chatting to the boss it transpires that the department, which services and erects all street lighting, traffic lights and road sign lighting in the county, is a seperate company that is run on a profit making basis. Yet still trades as "xxxx county council electrical services"

    I'm sick of the deception with councils playing as if they are some sort of benevolent fucking gods delivering vital services for no reward. They are simply businesses like any other except they are handed a whole swathe of products that they have a monopoly on by the government and are allowed to levy fines on other businesses and individuals for any actions that may block their profits.

    Utter, utter cunts!


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