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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ciggy busters. The hate backlash.

Just received a link from the Ciggy busters trailer.
aureliamatheena is quite upset. The comments are all trying to justify this stupid stunt.
I’m obviously not very popular with the idiot sect in medway.
Anyway WTF.

Update: The hate mail floodeth in. I'm so scared.


  1. WTF is it with the Youtube comments? I can't make head no tail of what is going on there.

  2. Although, having just read through them all, there seems to be a lot of people missing the point. They think that because it was staged, its ok.
    As you said, if they ripped the burkas of willing muslims it would be a hate crime.
    These people seem to think smokers are legitimate targets because they are helping them in some way.
    Womens rights groups may feel the same way about burkas but they wouldnt get away with it in the same manner.

  3. Update: The hate mail floodeth in. I'm so scared.

    I do hope you're having a quiet puff whilst reading said emails :-)

  4. Yep, Sitting back blowing smoke rings.

  5. Please post the hate mail so that we can all have a jolly good chuckle at the clowns!

  6. I would but I've deleted them. However for now they've stopped. Hopefully they're all in class justifying all the tax we spend on them.

  7. "Hopefully they're all in class justifying all the tax we spend on them."

    I doubt it, I suspect that the lazy little cunts are just emerging from beneath their duvets...(midday)

    And I am entitled to call them lazy little cunts as they are on a meeja studies course.

  8. This fucking stunt got me so enraged that I decided to take action.After looking into the cunts, I found out that the organiser of the 'debacle' a teacher also calls herself an artist, well im an artist due to being fucked by the last government , please watch this space cos im working on an amazing painting and rant that will test her fucking artistic abilities.
    Two blobs on a bit of paper isn't art and she's gonna find out why.
    I feel for her pupils ffs.

  9. I've said it before about this Ciggy-Busters mob and I'll say it again.
    Anyone reaching for my face is going to find that his gonads have replaced his tonsils.


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