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Friday, 9 July 2010

Terror stalks the Land.



The BBC has informed me tonight that I'm in mortal peril. This dragon, meteor strike, plague, heatwave is going to kill millions. So they would like you to believe. FFS I've worked in temperatures of 50 deg C with no ill effects. Just a few sensible precautions are needed such as plenty of fluids, keep out of direct sun where possible, wear loose fitting clothing, and shock horror, increase your salt intake. (The health police are so going to get me for that last one).

The BEEB have even plastered the NHS direct number over their TV weather charts. No doubt if you ring it, stating you feel a bit hot and sweaty, they'll probably suggest you have a swine flue jab.

So chill out folks. Flash up the barbie and have a few cold beers.

*I'm taking the precaution of adding ice to my whisky.


  1. Drink plent od fluids, get into car turn air con on max, drive for miles to pub.

    You know it makes sense :-D

  2. No. Drink plenty of fluids, get into car, turn air con on max, and get the WIFE to drive me to the pub. Ten pints later......

  3. No. Get in car, drive round to my house and give me twenty pint of beer. What I don't drink today, I'll finish tomorrow...

  4. It gets hot in summer. Who knew?

    Something should be done! See 'Katla'

  5. Don't even mention Katla. I'm off to Italy on Wednesday


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