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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Offshore bird mincers

wind turbine


I've just been reading a 114 page document on the development of offshore wind farms. Now as my one reader knows, I was a marine engineer for 43 years. One fact I quickly came to realise is that sea water is highly corrosive. therefore I was interested to see what the projected maintenance costs would be over the life of these turbines and supporting structure.

What a wealth of information awaited me in the document.


2.21.Operating and maintenance
The main concern with the regards to maintenance work is the high costs involved with access to the turbines for maintenance and inspections. Furthermore the maintenance can only be conducted during the right weather conditions, which means that the wind turbines can be unproductive for a number of days.
O&M will become more of an issue as we approach the Round 2 and beyond wind
farms, which will be significantly, further offshore. The industry should embark on study to identify as many steps as possible that can lead to a reduction in requirement for access.

Basically it would appear that they haven't a clue. It was just about the smallest paragraph in the document.


  1. "Basically it would appear that they haven't a clue."

    I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked.

    You mean that they're going to be even more expensive and less useful than we said originally?

    "Yar, but you know it's good for the planet..."


  2. I think every MP should have one in their garden.

  3. I think every MP should be fucking super-glued to one.


  4. Wind power. Too little bang for too much buck.

    'nuff said.


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