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Monday, 28 June 2010

The thugs are at it still.

The Message still doesn't seem to be getting through to the plod that:

It is not illegal to take photographs in a public place.

Authoritarian cunts. How can they expect us to abide by the law when they make it up as they go along.


The usual weasel words.

The Metropolitan police has issued a statement to the British Journal of Photography - a spokeswoman said:

"It is clearly not the intention of the MPS to prevent people from taking photographs, although, as the public would expect, officers will remain vigilant, particularly in crowded public places. Any allegations or complaints about police treatment of photographers are taken very seriously by the MPS."

She adds: "Anyone who is unhappy with the actions of individual police officers can make a formal complaint, which will be thoroughly investigated. Although at this time we have not received a complaint about this incident and no allegations of crime have been made, we will investigate the circumstances. Our officers do receive guidance around the issue of photography through briefings and internal communications and we continue to drive this work forward.


  1. What a bunch of fucking cunts - cunts who don't even know the law. Hope an official complaint has been made.

  2. Pathetic!
    Bullies who haven't the brains to learn the Law they abuse.

  3. Sadly this is not an isolated case.

  4. The Old Bill should have given the irritating little know all a fucking good kicking......bring back hanging I say.....

  5. @Anon. The average Policeman thinks that the inspector in the film should get a good kicking. Just go on a police forum to gauge their anger at that twat, who was making up the law as he went along. At the best he should be disciplined, if not demoted.
    The young photographer was right not to be bullied.

  6. Absolute bollocks, the oik in question had a dodgy name JULES for god sake if that was not enough reason for putting in the old hob nails I really dont know what is,countries going to the dogs with all these I know the law types, only poofs and muslims cry bully....


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