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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Thou doth protest too much.


There seems to be a new group of islamofascists in town.

They really are playing with fire in the current situation where we are getting reports of more deaths of servicemen by the day.

I respect their right to free speech but fear that those of a patriotic persuasion may snap in the near future. There may be blood on the streets soon.

A group of predominantly Muslim protesters gathered in Barking town centre, in east London, as members of the 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment marched through the streets.

One witness said: "There were about 25 to 50 Muslim protesters carrying placards with things like 'Muslims Against Crusades' and 'British Soldiers Go To Hell'.


"Then there was a counter-protest of about 100 guys barracking them."

I gather that these were members of "The English Defence League", who proceeded to pelt the MAC with beer and sausages.

The URL for Muslims against crusade if you are interested.

However it's either overloaded or else they've got crap computing power as it is almost impossible to get on there. Mind you, the message I left there with mahommed and Kiddy fidler in the same sentence might have sent their server into meltdown.


  1. Am I evil because I laughed out loud at how the EDL pelted the MAC with beer and sausages? Or just childish.

  2. I must admit to having a quiet snigger when I read that.

  3. I made me smile as well.

    Still I think the most effective way to deal with the MAC would be to sit them down in a room with those freshly returned squaddies for a 'chat'. I'm sure they would be convinced of the error of their ways pretty quickly.

  4. Williamsjk.

    That would come under the heading of "cruelty to animals".


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