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Friday, 11 June 2010

My first Quango.

Natural England

Natural England

Here's just a few snippets  from their own annual report and accounts.

Natural England is predominantly financed by annual Grant-in-aid from the Department for Environment,
Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

All very laudable you say. Yes it would be if they didn't have their pockets filled by you and me. Government theft without us having any say.

Just look at the figure below from the report April 2008 - March 2009. It's eye watering.

Natural England’s main source of funding is Grantin-aid (GIA) from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. In 2008/09 Natural England’s grant-in-aid was £265,103,000, which made up 97% of its gross income. The other 3% was made up as
shown in the graph below. For a further breakdown of other income see notes to accounts 1 to 5.

What. Only 3% from other sources? I presume they are all voluntary contributions. It's certainly not clear in notes 1 to 5. It must come from all those tin shakers then. Although I've never seen one. maybe they are camouflaged as bushes, or hanging baskets, or some such?

And what the hell are they on about below?

Natural England has established a firm
commitment to Diversity and Equality helping all employees to work together to build an inclusive environment. Dave Webster, Executive Director
Corporate Services, is the Executive Diversity and Equality Champion for Natural England and is supported by diversity strand champions, a steering group and forty Diversity Ambassadors [employees who have stepped forward to help
embed diversity across our organisation].

What sort of non-job is a diversity strand champion or a Diversity Ambassador?

And would you believe That there's a member of their staff that works for 7 weeks in a year and earns  up to £15,000 for the privilege

*FE turns his fag packet over and scribbles a quick calculation*.

FFS, that's an equivalent annual salary of £ 111,428.

I would suggest the government should axe this quango. However they might need a combine harvester.

Go and read it for yourself, if you want to be further depressed.

Natural England Quango Accounts


  1. The organisation that gives us breaking news like this
    Caught on camera: Eagle owl raids hen harrier nest
    It must so be worth every penny.

  2. Sinecures for members of the 'awkward squad' and the incompetent friends of the not so great and good. Culling is long overdue.


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