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Friday, 18 June 2010


My eldest daughter recently became engaged. All well and good you might think, The Filthy Engineer is getting rid of another millstone. It's bloody hard work and potentially expensive. She is looking to buy rather than rent and therefore I've been dragged halfway round southern England looking at properties. Apart from that, I'm also driving around half the country looking at expensive wedding venues.

From the asides I hear from my wife to the daughter, I have a feeling that i'm going to be poorer in the near future. I.e deposit on flat, and a large contribution to the wedding.


One daughter that can be sold into slavery. Apply now at FE towers. Credit card payments accepted

P.S There are a load of alcoholics in my family. The last daughter's wedding cost me £ 2000 in drinks for the evening do.


  1. That's why I don't have children. It's a move of thrift if nothing else (it's my religion - I'm an Orthodox Tightarse) ;-)

    By the way, advise your daughter firmly and sternly to avoid High Wycombe at all costs (if she's looking in the South East). High council tax and a high rat population too. It's a dump. Polegate in East Sussex is much nicer.

  2. ^^Wot he said^^ (apart from High Wycombe, about which I wouldn't know)

    You could always elope with Mrs Engineer.

    WV: datinem Sorry.

  3. Recently saw a friend I haven't seen in twenty years or so. He said, 'Who are you working for these days?'
    I said, 'Same as always, the wife and kids...'


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