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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Gone green and bought a Prius


Well, just accept that your electric pious machine will be only worth 10% of it's original value in just 5 years.

Did you think that your batteries would last for ever?

No? Oh dear, you are a sucker.

The average life of those batteries is just 5 years and will cost £8,000 to replace.

And I hope the reader of the twat (Prius of course) on the motorway, that insisted in only doing 65 in the outside lane and refused to let me past, isn't reading this.

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  1. I am reminded of the battery in my laptop. It held its charge for less and less time until I gave in and replaced it.

    I got an Acer battery of eBay which was supposed to work with my machine. It worked fine apart from one problem - you had to take it out of the machine when you turned it on otherwise it wouldn't boot up.

    Apparently, Acer chip their batteries. So I was forced to return the £25 Acer battery and replace it with an identical £91 Acer battery with a different chip in it.

    So when your Prius batteries pack up and they want to charge you £8,000 for a new set, remember that these are just £1,000 batteries with a Toyota chip in them!!


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