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Monday, 14 June 2010

Even when smokers die they're still in the wrong.


Cystic fibrosis sufferer Lynsey Scott, of Wigan, died months after surgery at Wythenshawe Hospital last year.

Sad but it happens.

Well the crux of the matter is that she had a double lung transplant. All well and good.

But oh Noes.

Shock horror. The lungs were from a smoker.

The father of Lynsey who died after a double lung transplant said she would have been "horrified" to discover the organs were from a smoker of 30 years.

What is it with the righteous, that even when a good deed has been done to prolongue this woman's life, they still have to castigate the donor, because he or she smoked.

She was bloody lucky to get the transplant in any case.

And now she didn't die because of that lung transplant.

She died a few months later in July. Tests later concluded the primary cause of death was pneumonia.

Well Mr Scott and the NHS. Tough shit. My lungs are going to the crematorium with me.


  1. Odd, don't you think, that after smoking for 30+ years the person's lungs were considered good enough to be used in a transplant - when we're told that one whiff of third-hand smoke is fatal.

  2. Not as odd as you would imagine.

    A great number of smokers are donors. Our hearts, lungs, kidneys, livers and corneas are especially sought after.

    Shortly after the smoking ban came in 2006 (in Scotland) I discovered that whilst the anti-smokers castigated us at every turn, the hypocritical bastards were still happy to take our parts if they needed them. After carrying a donor card since I was 18 years old, I had a little burning ceremony in my back garden.

    Slag me off for smoking all you want, but don't be asking for any of my parts when you are at deaths door.

    I know it sounds petty, but I couldn't care less.


  3. And did you catch the bit about if she had known they were from a smoker, she would have refused the transplant? Bollocks. It was take them or die!!

    On the basis that the world is overpopulated already, I'm taking all my bits with me.


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