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Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Knives are coming out.

Now that Gordon has fled to Scotland, his supporters are starting to desert the sinking ship of the Brown government.

A newly re-elected Labour MP has called on Gordon Brown to step down as the party's leader.

Bassetlaw MP John Mann said that Labour would only have influence in the outcome of the current negotiations over the future of the government if Mr Brown agrees to give up the leadership.

And he said that the Prime Minister cost Labour votes in last week's election from people who would otherwise have supported the party's programme.

Mr Mann's comments are the first overt Labour challenge to the Prime Minister's position since the party lost 91 seats and its Commons majority in Thursday's poll.

I suspect there are all sorts of machinations going on behind closed doors. Let's see how long he lasts as leader of the labour party. I'll give him till the end of the month.

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