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Saturday, 17 April 2010

UK flights ban extended to Sunday


Restrictions on flights in and out of the UK will remain in place until at least 1am on Sunday, air traffic control company Nats said.

That's my daughter and her husband stuffed then. They're due to fly back from Dubai.



  1. They're probably safer there than flying, truth be told. The risk of a flame-out due to volcanic dust is not one I'd like to have to add to the normal risks of flying, which, quite frankly, are too much for me.

    Hurling yourself across the skies at 500mph crammed into an aluminium tube with 250 others, 6 miles high and held up by the equivalent of a couple of handfuls of spark-plugs is my idea of madness.

    Please don't try to make it worse! I hope you are all reunited soon, but this ban is not a bad thing.

  2. Ban not a bad thing? Hmm. It's not just passengers being inconvenienced you know. Air freight is big business, and a lot of the luxuries, and some essentials, of everyday life are delivered by air.

    Keep your eyes on the supermarket shelves. It's early days yet.

  3. And that's the grandchildren back then - lock up the liquor!


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