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Monday, 26 April 2010

The Lurgie struck.

Apologies to the many one readers who flock to this blog for enlightenment.

I have just been struck down recently with Bird, Swine, Asian, flue, a cold.

The ramblings of this madman may get better when I recover. If I don't make it through I bequeath all my wordly goods to no-one in particular.


  1. Get well soon. This election is enought to drive anyone into their sick bed!.....

    (Hope you're not relying on the NHS to make you better)

  2. No. I'm relying on the traditional remedy of a large whisky or two.

  3. Hope its a single malt, its not worth thinking about trying to get well on a blend. Get well soon.

  4. What's this? Ill and it's only a cold?

    I think you should stay off the booze, have plenty of porridge and a good doze of syrup of figs twice a day.

    Sort you out in no time.

    WV: socklor :)

  5. Could it be pollen fever? (Posh name for an allergy when experienced by the male of the species.)

    Whisky'll sort it out.


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