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Friday, 30 April 2010

Gordon needs to put down that shovel.

He can't seem to stop digging the hole he's in, deeper.

Gordon Brown has insisted he branded a pensioner a "bigot" because he thought she had called for all foreign students to be kicked out of Britain.

It seems he's now resorting to the "Lets smeer the other side", tactics.

Remember the bullygate affair?


  1. He does talk bollocks, doesn't he? She never brought up foreign students as far as I recall.

  2. Looks as if they've changed that excuse too, because they'd already tried to claim he thought she'd asked "where are they f***ing from?"

    Anybody got shares in a shovel making company?

  3. If I'd known I would have invested in shovels. Instead I've got a lot of piano wire and lamposts going surplus.


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